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Flywheel Effect

Everything’s hard in the beginning

· Social Psychology

When you are riding bicycles, you will have the feeling that It’s tuff to start, but after a while, the resistance reduced a lot. This feeling is particularly noticeable when you accelerates then slow down. You can just gently place your feet on the pedal, and the wheels will keep on orbiting, even take you move with them.

This is the "flywheel effect".

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The "flywheel effect" means that in order to turn a stationary flywheel up, you must make great effort at the very beginning and turn the wheels around. But every circle of effort will not be in vain, the flywheel will turn faster and faster. After a critical point, the gravity and force of the flywheel will be part of the driving force. At this point, you don't need to spend more energy, the flywheel will rotate quickly by itself, and keep turning.

This effect is applied not only to bicycles, but also to learning, living and working.

Many dieting people feel that: on the very first day, they are hungry and dizzy. They want to eat anything in front of them. This is the most difficult period of starvation. Many people give up at this stage, like me. But in fact, if you stick to it for several days, when you break through the critical point, situation changes. Suddenly, you will find that you do not have such a strong appetite. Even if eat very little, you are still not hungry.

It is tough at the beginning, because the food we take can't satisfy the demand. However, our body is very adaptable. It will reconstitute a nutrition intake system after a you change your diet habbit. The supply is lesser, so the demand also need to reduce. But the total energy required does not change. Your body will tries it best to maximize the amount of energy from what you consume. So once you stop dieting, the possibility of a rebound is great. And long period diet will hurt your body, so dieting is not recommended. But anyway, this is also a manifestation of the "flywheel effect".

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The most difficult part of writing a composition is to write the first sentence; the most difficult part of building a house is to construct the foundation; the most difficult part of learning a foreign language is memorizing words.

People have a fear of the unknown and the natural instinct of lazy and procrastination.

Everyone meets the case, when countless tasks in front of you, and you know the dead line is coming. But you just can’t help reaching out to the cell phone, chasing with friends, browsing the Instagram, and playing video game. Until late at night, you found you have done nothing. You could only tell yourself to work hard the next day. But the same story just repeat itself again.

Once you get used to such a low cost and inefficient life, it's hard to concentrate on high input task.

Life is traceable, no one will suddenly succeed or fail, there are processes. Every step you take now has a more or less impact on the final outcome.If you look at your current behavior from a long-term perspective, are you willing make a change?

To me, I can't predict the future. I only hope that I soul feel thankful to myself in the future.

If there's anything that needs to be done tomorrow, it's best to start now. -Franklin

The influence of psychology on people is far beyond your imagination. It can help a person or destroy a person. Therefore, when faced with new challenges, the first step is to overcome the negative effects of psychological factors. Know what your goals are, and start from scratch.

You will enter a period of "pleasure deficit", which is the most difficult and the most easily abandoned stage. Because the harvest and progress at the beginning are very small. You will find yourself insignificant, wondering if you are not suitable for doing this. Whenever you have this mindset, you must be aware of and stick to your gaol. As long as you put enough effort in it, you will reach a key breakeven point.

With the continuous exploration and deepening of the new field, you get much richer experience. There are less restrictions on you, and the sense of discomfort gradually lessened. You gain more and more positive feedback, such as sense of achievement and superiority. At this time, you will find study is actually interesting and easy. If you reach the stage, congratulations on your success in advance.

Only when the flywheel really begins to rotate, you see the power of every step you make. All obstacles and difficulties have become stepping stones, and eventually become the driving force for your progress. I hope you can use this power to reach you gaol.

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